White Lipped Tree Frog

The white-lipped tree frog (Litoria infrafrenata), also known as the giant tree frog, is the world’s largest tree frog species. Native to Australia, New Guinea, and surrounding islands, it can grow up to 14 cm (5.5 inches) in length. These frogs are characterized by their bright green coloration, which can sometimes have a slightly bluish hue, and their distinctive white lower lip, from which they derive their name. The white color extends to their underbelly and the undersides of their legs. They have large, adhesive toe pads that help them climb and adhere to various surfaces, which is essential for their arboreal lifestyle.

Fun Fact about the White-Lipped Tree Frog

A fun and interesting fact about the white-lipped tree frog is its remarkable vocalization abilities. These frogs are known for their loud and distinctive calls, especially during the breeding season. Males produce a variety of sounds, ranging from deep, barking calls to high-pitched, metallic clicks, which can be heard over long distances. These vocalizations are not only used to attract females but also to establish territory and communicate with other males. Their calls are so loud and unique that they have often been described as sounding like a small dog barking, earning them the nickname “barking frog” in some regions.

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