Calling Ducks

Calling ducks, also known as “Decoy Ducks,” are a specially bred type of duck that is known for its distinct vocalizations. They are smaller in size compared to many other duck breeds, with a compact body and a rounded head. Calling ducks come in various colors, including white, gray, black, and brown, and they often have short bills and rounded tails. These ducks are popular among hunters and waterfowl enthusiasts for their ability to mimic the sounds of wild ducks, helping attract flocks of birds within shooting range.

Fun Fact about Calling Ducks

A fascinating fact about calling ducks is their unique vocalizations, which are used for communication and as a form of social bonding. Calling ducks are named for their ability to produce a distinct “call” or “whistle” that imitates the sounds of wild ducks, particularly during the mating season. Male calling ducks are known for their loud and melodious calls, which they use to attract females and establish territory. Additionally, calling ducks are often used in competitive duck calling contests, where hunters and enthusiasts showcase their skill in imitating the sounds of wild waterfowl. This tradition has become a popular pastime in many regions, highlighting the close relationship between humans and ducks throughout history.

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