A male is known as a COCK, a female is known as a HEN and a baby is known as a CHICK. A group is known as a FLOCK.

Chickens are medium-sized, chunky birds with an upright stance and characterised by fleshy red combs and wattles on their heads. Males, are usually larger, more boldly coloured, and have more exaggerated plumage than females. They seldom fly except as a result of perceived danger, preferring to run into the undergrowth if approached.

Chickens are domesticated birds kept by humans for the eggs they produce, their meat, their feathers, or sometimes as pets. Selective breeding for fast growth, egg-laying ability, conformation, plumage and docility took place over the centuries, and modern breeds often look very different from their wild ancestors. Chickens are the second most widely eaten type of meat globally and, along with eggs, provides nutritionally beneficial food containing high-quality protein accompanied by a low proportion of fat.

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