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Why Choose a Jigsaw Mobile Petting Farm Visit?

A visit from Jigsaw Mobile Petting Farm can be a delightful and enriching experience for people of all ages. Here are several reasons why you might choose a visit from ourselves!

Jigsaw Mobile Petting Farm offer a hands-on way to learn about different animals, their behaviours, diets, and habitats.  you might also gain a little insight into farming practices our friendly staff are always keen to talk about the origins of food and the importance of agriculture!

Interact directly with animals.  Some you’ll be able to pet, hold and maybe even feed.  A unique educational experience!  Jigsaw Mobile Petting Farm provides a u great sensory experience through tough, sight, sound and yes, smell!

Spending time with animals has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve mood.   Interacting with animals can foster a sense of connection and empathy, which can be particularly beneficial for children and individuals with special needs.

Part of what Jigsaw farm is all about is helping the most vulnerable in society.  Social farming give people the opportunity a wide variety of skills in an inclusive supportive environment.

Jigsaw Mobile Petting Farm offers numerous opportunities for taking memorable photos with animals, which can be cherished for years. For people who enjoy sharing experiences on social media, a petting farm visit provides plenty of Instagram-worthy moments
















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More About Jigsaw Farm

We are a locally-led, community-based, shared service that provides farming and social inclusion opportunities to people who are socially, physically, mentally or intellectually disadvantaged within our local community giving them the opportunity to spend time on a family farm in a healthy, supportive and inclusive environment.